How To Measure Drawers

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How To Measure Drawers

Measuring drawers is easy, but here are a few tips:

  • If possible, remove the drawer from its tracks and place it on the counter top.
  • Use a tape measure or a fabric measuring tape to measure* the depth and width. (As shown below) We recommend using a paper / fabric measuring tape because they are easy to bend. *Safety Cut
  • Make sure that you measure every drawer, and never assume that they are all exactly the same dimensions.

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Safety Cut

Even the most minor measuring mistakes can cause a liner to buckle or overlap. This is why we Safety Cut automatically!

  1. You Enter your exact drawer / shelf measurements in the wizard
  2. When we cut your liner, we automatically subtract 1/8" from the length and width
  3. Your liner fits with no fuss, no buckling, and no overlap!

Of course, you can deselect "Safety Cut" when entering your dimensions, and we will cut to your exact measurements.

Measure In Easy Steps:

Click the sections to the left to view each step.
Measure the width of the drawer on the inside edges.
Measure the length of the drawer on the inside edges.
Measure along the opposing edges to ensure that you are not measuring at an angle.